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SharkFin is the recruiting firm you call when you’re interested in building lasting sales employment relationships.

The customer journey is changing. At SharkFin, we help businesses and sales professionals position themselves for sales success in the 21st century. The right team of sales professionals will enhance job satisfaction, create opportunity, and contribute to measurable business outcomes.


With decades of recruiting experience at our back and a deep-seated understanding of the current markets, we build bridges between qualified talent and brands. In other words, we take the guesswork out of talent acquisition for both sales professionals and employers.


If you’re searching for career-oriented employees or a new job opportunity, our recruiting specialists focus on services in general B2B sales, pharmaceutical and biotech sales, medical device sales, software sales, and consulting services sales.

Services in a Shark Voice

At SharkFin, our services provide more than a job board or a consulting agency. We offer comprehensive support to streamline the placement process while placing a premium on the right fit. Without the right personalities, skill sets, and work ethics, sales teams can suffer high rates of turnover.

We use our expertise in B2B sales to match employers and employees on every level. When you’re ready to see more from each sales relationship, contact SharkFin.

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Sales, Marketing & Consulting Talent Experts

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Our clients come back to us time and again, because we match candidates with positions based on hard skills, soft skills, and interest levels. You can count on our holistic approach to help you build your best sales team yet.

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The right sales position can lead to lasting success, job security, and job satisfaction. Allow our expert advisors at SharkFin to help you find the right sales role for you.

Contact us today and see how we can make your job/candidate search better.