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Specializing in B2B sales and support markets, including pharmaceutical/biotech sales, medical device sales, software sales, and consulting services sales.

recruiting sales partnershipClients associate the SharkFin approach to recruiting with data-driven, no nonsense results. We use a combination of digital tactics and old-school networking to build networks of qualified sales professionals and sales support professionals in B2B sales areas, including pharmaceutical/biotech sales, medical device sales, software sales, and consulting services sales.


We conduct a deep-dive evaluation on both our candidates and clients so we can create ideal matches and keep both parties in the loop throughout the process. If we can see from your point of view, we have a better chance of finding the perfect match for your unique roles. From discovery to contract negotiation, we offer accessibility, support, and the right selection of candidates.



mobile-device-cutoutFinding Sales Professionals in Today’s World


We take the time to get to know each of our candidates. Some we actively seek out, and others come to us. For each candidate, we conduct a career analysis during which we look for hard and soft skills, experience, interest areas, and career goals. Our holistic approach to candidate evaluations sets us apart from other recruiting firms and allows us to build strong, lasting relationships between employers and candidates.


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At SharkFin, we’re keenly aware of the changing nature of sales across all industries. While industry experience is important, we often find a need to achieve and a willingness to learn serve as better success markers. Sales professionals who understand the technology used in the field, who use information to help their clients sell themselves, and who recognize the importance of omnichannel communication help businesses build lasting client relationships. You can count on SharkFin to deliver sales professionals capable of succeeding in today’s fast-paced world of sales.


Our niche market expertise and our ability to look beyond the résumé and initial interview allow us to add value to each client we serve. Contact us today to discover more about what makes SharkFin’s approach to B2B sales recruiting different.

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